July 14, 2009

yep Yuppers

No im not from Cleveland nor do i know anyone from CLeveland, but I love this song and KID CUDI is nice. As well as THE COOL KIDS, PACIFIC DIVISION, and DRAKE (sometimes). I know there's more guys out there thats making noise, its just that I havent found them yet(Chapp gets me on these guys because im Imeem retarded). It gets to a point where i (and im sure others as well) get fed up with the same ol' 'Swaggalicious' songs some of these kats offer, so having something new and fresh and different is all that matters to me. So when you hop in my whip and hear this fresh sound and get excited, just know its not ever gonna be Soulja boy.Im just keepin it real:)I love music and thats one thing im not close-minded about. So when i bump a little James Morrison, dont look at me weird, ya'll should get your music game up and expand your mind******


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