August 24, 2009


I know ive been missing in action but PC is still out of commission.A couple more days and it should be back in my arms* Lets see, what had Curty been up to????Work:(Double sad face:(Just came back from Columbia, Maryland!!!!My reflection and I did some good to cap off our summer by volunteering at the IronGirl Triathalon:):)It was ridiculously fun but hot like fire,i think i got a tan from directing folk to their bike racks!!!!There was about,oh i dont know,a whole lotta people there.Women of all ages(youngest being 13,oldest,79) coming out for a good cause,I love it!!!!Went to Virginia,to visit our uncle/cousin(as his wife calls it)&had some bangin' IHOP:) Now im back to the education:)had to park in the boonies today,but thatll all change by next week b/c alot of dese kats'll be droppin out(sad to say)......BUT NOT ME>As Kanye West said on his first album(his best album,i believe).....GET YOUR DEGREE!!!!!! And thats what imma be doin' for a while:)
And so the studying begins......


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