August 29, 2009

Say Word

Back to school for Curty;)16 credits is prolly gonna kill me but anything to get outta northampton sooner and into west chester faster. Still working part time at my dreadful job but im maintaining. Everythings kinda hectic with nothing going on, just folk losing dey mind and enjoying life i suppose. My fashion ques are anteing up this semester...I see dese broads tryna rock certain items and claim "its my own personal style"...No holmes,all these girls look the same and it hurts my eyes.literally.I on the other hand is the one getting compliments on my versatility and the way i can switch it up on folks and it makes me proud;) Other then den that, i have been reading for more than six hours everyday b/c of the extent of classes im taking....Ive never read so much in my life. Cultural Anthropology.Sociology.Intro to Social Work.Art History.Biology(Eww).
Ohhh my computer i still outta commission.Im on my reflection's joint.she's leaving 2mrw...Tear...ill be out dat way regardless.....
About to go read and write some thangs*


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