September 17, 2009

C'Mon Holmes!!!!!REALLY

****Im at barnes and noble on this oh so comfortable couch and this guy sitting next to me keeps moving, touching his face, making sounds with his mouth...."SIR CAN U PLZ READ UR BOOK QUIETLY???" I dont need to hear about all he shyt stuck in your teeth, and the fact that u seriously need to shave hurts my heart!!!! Stop rubbing your hands on your 'need-to-be-shaven beard' because its making sounds that i cant even describe---wait it sounds like a grizzly bear, if i ever heard one in real frickin' life...GOOD GRIEF HOLMES....the things ppl do at Barnes&Noble.This calls for an experiment.....Im getting aggravated.serious. I also hate those women who been smoking since dey was 5 years old and now dey 50 and sound like a man....and they talk so loud like anybody wants to hear dey conversation about whatever***** evil....but these are some of my pet peeves and i'd like to express my thoughts...this is a blog isn't it????
MIAMI/G.TECH 2nite (Chap wont let me forget)

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