September 16, 2009

I Used To Not Believe

While at B&N the other day, something amazing happened to me while chatting it up w/ Jas during our study break. I was explaining to her how strict my parentals are blah blah blah but this lady was sitting next to us and happened to chime into the conversation.I myself didnt mind. Then she started saying how she was "sensing" things....."Im sensing some tension, and such&such"....then she said she was a psychic!!!!!! Ah Hell...I never believed in that stuff because you hear of folk like 'Miss Cleo' scamming folk, so its like they all phony, but talking to this lady, she totally turned my whole perspective around. She was saying some things that i wont go into great detail about, that were right up my alley and made perfect sense to what was going on with me rite now...At one point, she asked if i was thinking about quitting school.....but the thing is,my reflection, Chappy, has been complaining about whether to take a year off from school or not!!!!!!CAARAZZYNESSS...i was kinda freaked out myself. I was so hopped up on the things she said that as soon as i got home i went on the treadmill for a 20 minute run b/c i didnt know what to do with myself or handle a certain situation she was 'sensing'.Sugar like this makes me hella nervous about everything. Thinking about some of the things she said made me smile, but it got me to thinking about what im not doing, and what i should be doing.........

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