October 1, 2009

Do it All, Done it All, Tryna Do Everything

That is how i been feeling lately. Of course the computer represents school:(But im still hanging in there, heck, im at the library right now,straight from my dreadful job. Living Life and annoyed by the weather changes going on so fast!!!!Its like summer came and went and never returned.I dont overstand (feel like watching HE GOT GAME). Brackets come off in 5 whole weeks holmes!!!!!WHOOT WHOOT!!!!! Should be writing this 3-4 pg art history paper due TOMORROW but Im updating with you folk.As long as im not on Facebook......like some of my counterparts...IM JUST SAYING....
...........speaking of saying. i dont think i can return to the library during the day anymore because 'somebody's' feelings seriously bout to get hurt again. I utterly CANNOT stand folk who come in the library just to talk!!!!!not even open a book,just sit down and talk about whatever folk AINT supposed to be talkin' about while in the library.So i had to give ol'girls a piece of my mind, cause they was not being kosher and I likes kosher.....

Mission Failed from the other day (btw)

**********WHY DO FLU SHOTS HURT SO BAD**********

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