October 2, 2009

One Week

One week from today I, along with others, will be traveling down to New Orleans, Louisiana to help rebuild the Lower Ninth Ward. Many think its a great thing to do, volunteering to rebuild a city, but others think New Orleans should be left alone. Yes it's true but when a tornado destroyed parts of the midwest, a whole 'Green town' was build for its residents. I do not understand how this happens. In the wake of tragedy, we should not have to wait on the government, we are paying for, to help us. We sent troops overseas faster than we sent them down to N.O. to help OUR people. Boogles my mind, truly, and it makes me angry thinking about it. But thats why people like myself has this opportunity to take a trip down there, and take in what people are going through. We are very fortunate, but we never know how fortunate we are until we have absolutely nothing to show for it. I am quite sure this experience will make me and everyone I am with, eternally grateful for everything we have, material and nonmaterial.

Hopefully i'll get some blogging in and my photograpghy and video - game will be put into motion from the moment we leave Northampton Community College at 6:30 am on October 9 till the time we leave New Orleans on October 13..... +i heard the 'Inn' we are staying in is supposedly haunted.That's what I did not want to hear, so imma prolly be a scared panda bear during the night hours... ;)


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