November 9, 2009

Im Here

Here at Barnes and Noble(Nothing New). Im tired of folk acting like they do not know what I am about. I hear things about me that are taken way out of context, and truly out someone's arse to be exact. Im not gonna say any names but a sweatshirt does not compensate as an apology. With that said, Imma get back on my grind and not talk to anyone ever again (thats not gonna happen)....I guess i just gotta watch who i'm talking to b/c i obviously cant trust anyone anywhere i go.....;(All i need is my real Jersey folk around me.The ppl i can be real with and know what Im about and that can exhume only positive energy around me........Hittin the Books extra hard.Getting my degree....
The sky on some end of the world mess, still pretty to look at:)

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