November 1, 2009

No Line

I went to Walmart this morning to pick up some things my momz forgot on 'the' heading to SELF-CHECKOUT and there's a line for three lanes open?????its self-checkout, there is not supposed to be a line,that is the i hop skip and jump pass folk and this lady goes 'excuse me, there is a line..'i told her this is self-checkout so one can get out of there as fast as possible and that is exactly what i am doing.the head checkout lady even came up to me and said thank u for not getting in line like the rest of those fools b/c she been told them there is no line for the time was done and heading out, these folk was still on line tellin' folk that theres a line!!!!
------------INSERT CHOICE WORDS [HERE]-------------
PS i also cannot tolerate folk who act like they lack common gets to be aggravating....


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