November 3, 2009

Starting Now

So my Nawlins pix are a little out of order. I havent mastered this blog thing yet. Starting from the bottom, that pic should be up top.....why cant blogger get this right???OKAY. Someone's meal from Juan's Flying Burrito in the Garden District. My roomie Katelynn and another member on the trip, Levaughn all had the 'flying fajita's'. And let's just say there was alot of bathroom time between the three of us*

St. Vincent's Guest House in the Garden District. Our home away from home for about five days. Although it was a little spooky and we had some critter friends, after you start work in the Lower Ninth Ward, you really dont care about the "friends" in your room (well not too much at least)
Drive from the airport. This is of course the Super Dome. It literally looks like a spaceship;) Driving pass this building and thinking about all the horrible things that took place there in the days following Hurricane Katrina makes me sick to my stomach, literally.
The plane ride to New Orleans, Louisiana from chilly Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I was beyond greatful when we actually landed;) The weather blew me away (my glasses fogged up from the humidity). I knew it would be warm, like 80, but not 80 feeling like 97!!!! Oh well, we adjusted and got it together for the sake of ourselves, because we should be thankful for even getting the opportunity to take this trip;)

More Later.At the library>nothing new;)

Major changes being made today........

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