December 4, 2009

Jersey Shore my Arse

Last night i watched that show on MTV 'Jersey Shore' and was embarrassed. WTH. First, all those kats are from New York, NOT NEW JERSEY SO HOW ARE THEY REPRESENTING US??????somebody let me know...its not cute to be a gudio or a guidette b/c those fools already look ridiculous in the tri-state, so you can already imagine what folk is saying about them being aired all across this forsaken reality television country. I could not fathom that broad snookie or snooker or whatever her name is.What exactly are u????i was confused. and if you tan like that, ur arse DO NOT belong on ANY beach AT ALL.EVER. and that other one......that calls himself 'the situation', what are you still doing down at the Jersey Shore?You are 28 y.o.!!!!!!get a clue.look like homey taking that whole '30 is the new 20' thing a tad bit toooo serious, if u catch my drift. and da pauly kat is 28 lokin like he 16 on steroids!!!!! i dont understand were these kats got this idea to look like this and think its cool....My confusion hasnt changed. Well at least there's one person ACTUALLY FROM JERSEY.Sammi Sweetheart. Yep that really does describe every Jersey Girl, and sweetheart;)

Do we REALLy talk like that? I mean c'mon now......


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