December 4, 2009

Every Damn Day

U know how ya'll got a banana phone, well i got a Jays Phone*

Like Fab said, 'Just throw it in the bag'oooooooMy Work Station;)

I do this 'Every Damn Day' (Nike)
-Tiger Woods, nobody cares.Okay he was unfaithful to his wife, nobody's perfect ppl, including Tiger Damn Woods* &she put him back in his place (&i dnt care what anyone says about THAT)
-Ron Artest, you were never a "superstar", so why'd you start drinking during halftome when you were with the Bulls. I didn't even know you played for that team at one point......
-Allen Iverson, back in Philadelphia, man gettin' all teary eyed,awwww;) i myself was laughing b/c i find it ammusing to hear a grow man get choked up on national television, esp. if its someone thats so rough and tough like A.I.

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