February 17, 2010


Ive been eating a whole lot of pound cake for absolutely no reason other than the fact it tastes so ridiculously good;) I am beyond ready for the weather to start warming up. All this snow white is blinding my eyes& i wanna show my leggaroos sundun.......Listening to this Electrik Red joint "Friend Zone".I dnt know about u, but i like it and i like their style. Been busy with life i.e. getting my taxes done to do this fafsa due march first so the government can pay for my education which they should be doing regardless.
Did you know that the Gee's spend more dinero on prisons and such rather than systems of Higher Education (public colleges/universities)......Therefore making college students stress about those nice loans we get to pay back when we "really" get paid>not fun stuff...speaking of government....
There is this young man in my American National Government class, which is taught by Prof Kiki,the PA teacher of the year.....well okay this kat has a comment for every little, minuscule, minute, thing that is broughtup in this 50 minute class. He makes it dreadful for everyone, including the Prof (im sure).....Whenever he talks, its one of those "oh my goodness here he goes" by everyone in the class....AND he's one of those kats that prolongs everything, making his explanation of how china and their population and something about portugual is related about 20 minutes longer than it has to be. JUST SAY WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY AND MOVE ON.. ALREADY. good frickin grief holmes. (eye roll)

OKAY folks....as my little brother Kev would say..."Yo son, you dont know, Diane tough son"

Lovin' C

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