February 15, 2010

Valley Day

St.Valentine's Day was yesterday(damn im late about everything). My plans were crushed from the jump but I still got some Red Lobster;) I quite frankly dont believe in Valentine's day.it makes no sense to me....to have only one day dedicated to the one person or three people you love. These acts of loveness should be year-round, not one day in the shortest month of the year....Im just saying.
The gifts and flowers are still nice*

NBA all-star weekend....reallly could care less. nate robinson of the new york knickerbockers won the dunk contest.....yet a-damn-gain. i own "a special someone" a trip to Burger King. Straight chicken firs holmes.


Jealousy is all the fun you think they had.” Erica Jong

Lovin' C

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