February 20, 2010

Numero Uno y Dos

I am a double. Meaning there is another young lady in the world who looks exactly like me. And everyone asks the usual questions that two-somes get but I dont think Ill ever get tired of it because its a part of me.....
Even though we are identical, we are still different,if that makes any sense. We do different things but overall still enjoy the majority of everything.I dnt think I could live without this broad because I wouldnt know how.We dont fight,sh** we cant fight. its pointless and useless because in a millisecond one will say something stupid and it all be love again:)Thats just how we roll. I support her, she supports me, We scheme together, we get in trouble together....but we cant do everything together....after 20 years of being "We" im finally figuring out how to be a "Me" without her. Its hard but its something that must be done and its getting done holmes. We wont be those twins that hate each other or dont talk to each other because of something utterly ridiculous because that in itself would be utterly ridiculous.
last nite was a testament to our twinship. I did something stupid and she had my back. we were mad at each other for literally twenty-one(------) seconds,both popped some tylenol at the same time(even when im about 100 miles away), and still "made-up", had a laugh and moved on because this instance was one of many but the most serious of them all.
I love that broad&I know she is def in love with me (LOL)

P.S. You CANNOT lie to your Mother....EVER....well not mine at least....Love her too;)

Lovin' C*

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