February 25, 2010

Over It

As everyone most likely knows, Im done with this snow business. I cannot say how many times ive asked for spring to show its face a little and gotten nothing in return. Its snowing now (again) but its not sticking so i been testing out my new tires by going to the gym, the bank, and the grocery store & almost Five Guys (but that would defeat my purpose of going to the gimnasio........)All in all, my tires are good, im alive, and i should be doing some 'work' before my girl Melissa's bday party tomorrow night---hopefully Snow White wont show her ugly face....

P.S. Killer Whales are called Killer Whales for a reason;(RIP)

Lovin' C
&somebody else**
&Pound Cake

1 comment:

MeLoVe said...

Lol I love this post..Can't wait to party it up!!!
And you are damn right the name is given Killer Whale for a damn reason.