March 26, 2010

The Left Coast

Since i love music and the sun and good music imma put ya'll up on DOM KENNEDY. i posted a song by him a while back w/ BJ the Chicago Kid......Now Dom has a mixtape out TODAY:) Yes he is from the West Coast, so east-coasters beware of freshness and pure dopeness and be ready to feel like those summer days are rite around the corner;)

I love this guy & PACDIV. They are what music is missing. These types of guys. None of that 'young money babaaay' BS we been hearing. Like i said they are from the West Coast, so us Yankees dont get what the surfer dudes are getting and it sucks so we have to go find it, and my reflection, MIAMI, and I have been found it, its just that folk dnt got it like us so they wayyyyyyyy late on what we up on:)

I say this again, DOM KENNEDY and PACDIV.
Im promoting these guys from Easton, Pennsylvania in my bed looking out the window about to go to sleep because that chinese food is finally getting to me.....

DOM KENNEDY "From the Westside with Love"
PACDIV "Church League Champions"
You guys are officially late.


My Kind of guys;)

Lovin' C*
Kean University 2mrw.JERSEY HERE I COME!!!!

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