March 26, 2010

On my sports kick today;) I am exhausted rite now at 8:41 in the AM at the library. supposed to be doin my spanish homework but...u know.....MARCH MADNESS is here and what a month it has been. the overall #1 seed, KANSAS JAYHAWKS IS O-U-T!! Lovin it. Upsets day in and day out. This year its very unpredictable. But the N.I.T. is still goin strong and its givin me a chance to recruit for next season;)lol. NFL draft next month;)....speaking of NFL...
Ben Roethlisberger of the Pittsburgh Steelers (i didnt have to google his name to spell it). this man is accused of sexual assult on two different women on two different cases in two different states and the league is not doing anything about it! this man is not facing any kind of penatly what-so-ever which is retarded because Adam "Pacman" Jones got fines and suspensions just for getting questioned; not even committing a crime, not accused of anything. Also, Kobe Bryant's little shindig in Colorado a few years back (even though he's in the NBA) got a little out of control but he admitted his wrongs and still got a backlash of negative publicity....Note both Kobe and Pacman are black while Big Ben is obviously white.....Full blown investigations for everyone else but Big Ben. There apparently a tape out and the feds arent really gonna look into it.....Why?How is it okay for a white athlete w/ deniro to get away with these actions while a black athlete gets scrutinzed out the arse????(Oh yea, Tiger Woods too, well no he actually has a problem).

Its Black and White.

"Everything is funny as long as it is happening to somebody else. " ~Will Rogers

Lovin' C*

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