March 3, 2010

Where U been C????

Ive been up, down, and around. School is like alcohol, driving me crazy. Snow is slowly but surely disappearing. Ive been out of it lately.I honestly dnt know what it is but i need to figure it out b/c i dont like it.....
.Pix from last week.
@ East Stroudsburg University in Miami's room w/my deuces, waiting to party it up for my girl Melissa's 21st birthday at Abyss in JERSEY......We make things happen bee.
Five Guys
Look at that Cheese* I honestly believe i am having serious health complications by eating these burgers as much as i do. I have stopped but i dnt know for how long i'll be able to last. Its been five whole days since i've had Five Guys burgers and fries&my money is still in my wallet, my tummy is still lookin like im gaining the freshmen 15 when im a junior in college, and my heart isnt hearting as bad......
Snoopy be chillin' with me. He stay down*
In her bed as always.....My tongue was hurting...
Lovin' C

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