April 30, 2010

I drive alot. Sometimes for no reason, others just because I have a choice but I am too stubborn to use them. I hate when people do not use signals. That will tick me off when I'm driving and it will trigger my road rage (which has subsided but now reappearing). It just makes me mad. Now I'm not saying im the signal nazi or anything b/c in times of literally no traffic, i wont use my signal....But when ur driving slow and the first one in a line a cars and about to turn on which ever street with no indication, THAT IS when i will most likely drive pass you with all four of my eyes staring you down to get off the road;) It makes no sense. And teenagers.....good grief, THEY are the worst. How do you hit a parked car, then walk back in the house and not tell the person's car you hit what happened????Me na know. Youngins are weird and just that, youngins.
ALSO, how do you quit your job b/c you have no way of getting there after someone tells you about a car for sale....and you respond with "No thats okay, I want a Honda"......Well honey you cant get that Honda without a job....People these days dont understand.
"A woman uses her intelligence to find reasons to support her intuition"
-Gilbert K. Chesterton
Lovin' C*
& my bed on a friday night

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