May 3, 2010

Hibernation time

Its muggy. i love the summer weather but not when one day its 54 degrees then the next,its hittin 90. its not kosher and therefore making me sick and tired and sore all the time which makes me lazy and not being studious in the home-stretch of this ncc semester OR maybe im just tired of looking at NCC's library and hallways every hour of my life!!its literally makin' me sick to my stomach.I dread getting out of bed now a days.
Why are there soooo many shows about New Jersey and these Italians? "Real Housewives of NJ", "Jerseylicious", and now another one i think is called "Jersey Couture" I dont understand. There is so much more to Jersey than long french tip nails and oompa loompa people running around. Yea, they do represent some of the folks from my beloved Garden State but there's soooo much more and I think it should be showcased.....Im just saying.
okay.over and out.
Luvin' C
&im gonna be in school for THE rest of my adult life*

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