April 16, 2010

Scions Are Out

These broads at Northampton Community College are running wild with they vehicles. SERIOUSLY. Just yesterday some puerto rican broad ran a stop-sign, hit a professors BRAND NEW AUDI, backed up and drove off like it wasnt her fault. I couldnt believe my four eyes.lol.
Everyone says female drivers need to stay off the road and let the man drive. I refute that b/c men obviously cant do anything for themselves. I love them and all, im just saying. They are simple on some things and driving with directions just happens to be one of them.....BUT back to the task at hand.
TODAY. This blond broad in a toyota scion not only ran the stop sign but was also entering the parking lot when there are about ten kazillion 'DO NOT ENTER' signs because broads like her lack common sense on every level. I was turning into the boonies (she saw me go) then out of no where presses the gas and damn near pinned me against another car.BUT with my cat-like instincts i avoided a second collision in two weeks (both of which were not going to be my fault). So im walking into school and broad tries to come at me rollin' her neck w/her long finger nails and whatever else "white-girls-with-daddys-money-who-try-to-act-like-they-from-somewhere-they-not" do. Fortunately for her, my boy Evan, saw girlie and yoked her up before i decided to start having a bad day on her account. She really tried to blame her little accident on me! How dear she! {ENTER CHOICE WORDS--HERE--}
Well, to say the least, my Honda is still pushin, she still red in the face, white boys still love me, and Scions are and forever will be "OUT".

Luvin' C*

&my friday nights that have me doing homework and counting sheep.this is the life.

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