April 17, 2010


I was reading an article from the Chicago Times, "Supt. Weis promises action in response to unusually bloody night" and for some reason wasn't shocked. It's sad and unfortunate that killings like this are happening in black neighborhoods everywhere.....Over something senseless and ridiculous. How can 20 people get shot, 7 dead, in a span of 12 hours? Just go to Kanye's town and you'll find out. Police say its all gang-related, which is probably true seeing as how people of all different ages and from different areas were gunned down while minding they business. I couldnt imagine living somewhere like that...not being able to walk anywhere because of the thought of getting shot.it boggles my mind and makes me angry when young black men act like they have no sense, no brain, or no life so they go and listen to someone else who has no sense, no brain, or no life to go kill people. Sure some of these kats are smart, but obviously not smart enough to think for themselves or make some kind of logical decision about anything.Hence, me saying that men are simple. No matter how smart you think they are, they're not; they're just simple on so many levels, they dont even know it.
And everyone can make that excuse as to "why these kids end up like this" but im tired of hearing it and im tired of folk sugar-coating everything. Its just as easy to listen to a musician talk about 'bring pain to someone' as listening to influential leaders (not just Barak Obama or Al Sharpton, etc etc). Its all in the choices you decide to make and how you live with them. and so far, some of kats choices aren't making life better for anyone.
They say police need to stop killing innocent people.
Well, Black people need to stop killing each other, still.
Okay thats my ranting and raving for the week.

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