April 6, 2010

That's what I asked for

i know i've been gone but for good reason tho;) you see, i been busy with something called getting an education, being sarcastic with the folk from my job, counting sheep, running 2 to 3 miles everyday, being sore, drinking water, and barely tuning into civilization....yep, thats sounds about right..
Its warm as heck right now. But im gonna die because my allergies are dreadfully out of control. thats why i stopped running track to begin with, b/c of that stupid pollen.good grief. But its sunny and im happy. as long as there is no snow on the radar, then all in;)
Why Did I get Married Too?????? lets just say i saw it twice;)
SO hot my thighs are stickin' 2gether....lol
Luvin' C
&.....passion fruit juice

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