April 1, 2010

Tatted Up

Its March Madness and its been nice and dandy;) But all i see are tattoos. I keep looking for the team that might possibly have the most tatts between their players but its too complicated for any human being to try and process. Some of these players come straight outta high school with full sleeves of ink.Exctly what have you been through is worth you getting a tattoo for. It seems like they have a tatt for everything.....I, myself plan am not against tattoos what so ever. I plan on getting one or two on my born-day this June. They koo and all but to what extent? If you're making your own money, own your business and can basically give yourself the day off, then okay, do what you want. Some players have nothing but bball and if something happens to them&their bball days are over& they have all those tatts, good luck on getting a job. im just saying, calling it how i see it and being realistic.

But then you have kids who go way overboard with it for no reason.Not only on their arms either, I mean all over. AND tattoos are expensive. Some if not all of these kids played basketball or some sport for forever in high school therefore leaving no room for an actual job, so where is the funding for this ink coming from? I seriously doubt your parents would be okie dokie with their child running around with their body marked up like that at 17, 18, 19 years old.No Sirry Bob, not happn'n......
Just some thought
Luvin' C*
&the dinner I cooked;)

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