October 31, 2010


Another weekend gone by;)
Just got back to Jersey from PA. Went to see mi familia. Oh yea, isn't it Halloween??!!
Not too big on this 'holiday'.
Friday I went out with my girls which was way less than eventful (odd since it was halloween weekend). Went to two clubs, both were wack. So majority of the nite was spent in the car and at IHOP talking about people's accents and our waitress's name (Mahogany) and why there was a nice arse Camero just chillin' in the parking lot. We came up with so many different theories, you wouldve sworn we were scientists or something of that nature. Also my pigment-challenged girl expressed her hatred for older honda civics- "Honder" to her. And my boy Manny had one and when she saw that his alarm was going off for absolutely no reason, she straight up told homeboy he needed to get his pinto under control. It was hilarious to me b/c we ended up talking about where you'd typically see a 'pinto' and the convo just kept on flowin'. lol.
I love it.
Being with girls you can trust is always a plus.
Luvin' C*
&Manny's "pinto"

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