October 29, 2010

Man OH Man

Guess where I'm at?
Not at Seton Hall.
Anyways, it seems as though the work never ends for me. I have never yawned so much in the entirety of my life as much as I'm yawning today. I dont even feel THAT tired but apparently my body is saying something different.
Halloween this weekend and that really doesn't concern me. Long gone are the days of dressing up and partying like its 1999 for me. I'll just stick to studying, bbm'ing, keeping my money in my pocket, chatting it up on the land line, getting cozy with my bed (and hopefully my "someone else"), scratching my eyes out, maybe shoot up to my second home@Seton Hall (NOTE:my real home in PA is down to my 3rd possible home I could sleep at), and not messing with the weather.
I hate when people randomly spray sh*t in small places. Dumb arse, I may be allergic because now I'm coughing up a storm, hence you shouldn't spray sh*t before somebody dies. These stinkin' broads don't make no sense at all. Goodness.
Ok back to Business.
Luvin C*
&how much people love me.hehe.

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Honest Man said...

Your blogs are interesting keep it up. BBM'ing is pretty addictive.