October 23, 2010


Yesterday i wrote THE bangingest post I'd written in a long time then my computer decided to disown me and shut down so I didn't even get a chance to save&post;( But.....
I went to a W.I.S.O (West Indian Staudent Org) event on Thursday nite at my second home, Seton Hall University. They had their 2nd Annual Mixer and since my lovely godsister is on the Executive Board, I thought I'd swing by after a nine hour work day and support my fellow West Indians.
The President-DeJuana
W.I.S.O. E-Board members
Director of Public Relations and Communications Major...my beautiful God Sister, Joy:)
And let the party begin.....

Overall, the event was a success. It made me think about how we don't have anything like this at Kean;( and what would it take to start W.I.S.O up. I know I am not the only West Indian person on that campus (of all the african americans I see). One of my bosses, who happens to be my kind of Dominican, is who I'm gonna have to bother to see about what I can do.
Oh yeah, and the food was on point, too bad my camera was acting up and I couldn't take a pic of my mini Caribbean dish...it was tasty though, trust me, I know;)
Luvin' C*
&the people who love me.

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