November 20, 2010

You're Still Here;)

All week I have been held captive at Kean's Im good tho b/c i will be getting that green.
Today, I do nothing but relax.
Tonite, I will be attending an event at the V-Lounge in New Brunswick, NJ. It's a Blogger's Social Event. and since I am a blogger and I need to be social outside of the people I know from school, this is looking like a great opportunity to network and possibly make some new friends;)
I really haven't been out since a disastorous Halloween weekend last month and that was in Linden. This time around, it's going to be a more sophistocated atmosphere and a lot more fun. if i like what i see (which my cousin's girlfriend says i will), i may have to make New Brunswick my new spot. Heck, I was born there dammit!!
Okay it's 2:18pm and I think i am gonna go back to sleep OR continue writing my Battered men paper for Criminal Justice.....
Luvin' C*
&wich my Cane! good luckity luck on her interview today.
Finger&toes crossed.

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jennifer said...

we had fun! good times! can't wait to read more on your blog! take care :)