November 22, 2010

Society's Misfit talking about her blog:)

Jennifer Rocha of
I Love Good Food;)

Here are some of my artistic ventures from Saturday Nite at the V-Lounge in New Brunswick. A little upset I do not have a pic with our hostess..Chasity ( but it'll turn up soon enough;) I had a great time. The venue, the food, drinks, and the people I was with couldn't have made it any better (&I got my first official swag bag.yay!!) We chatted it up about fashion, blogs, music, family among other things, just to get to know each other. I, of course, felt like i talked too much, but what can I say, it was a small group and i cant talk to myself (well I can, but then i'd look crazy lol)
My journey to the event was eventful and when I got home, the fun did not stop. My cousin was having a "condo-warming" party with some of his friends from high school. They were so loud you could hear them from the street. lol. I ate some more and laughed at 25+ year olds make a lovely fool of themselves. I love watching tipsy/drunk people esp when I know how they are when they are sober;)
I was also talked into making a twitter account. I am so stubborn, I really didn't see the need for one until I went to this event and felt a little lost in translation but i'm on now.
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Luvin' C*
Next up: V-Lounge Review and my 'Swag Bag' contents;)
Enjoy Life Guys, its a beatiful day outside....


Jennifer said...

we had so much fun together! you took some good pics!

MsLadyB2u said...
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