December 21, 2010


^^ Asparagus wrapped in beef^^
^ Crispy Calamari^

Me and My Kiddie chopsticks. I still need wayyyy tooo much practice.

so last night my cousin took me out to eat Sushi, as a celebration for the end of the semester, for the first time in my life. I wish i knew how slimmy it would've been because it felt so weird in my mouth so it was kind of awkward. I felt like i was on Amazing Race where the competitors have to eat all types of non-eatable things and for me, sushi was it. Don't get me wrong, i'd def try it again, but it'll be a while before my next outing. Maybe I'll try again in the
I can still feel it in my mouth,my throat, and stomach....that's not a good look.
Oh and that last picture looks soooooo damn good. I love how it came out!!!
&I might be heading out to PA today.
I think.

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