December 19, 2010

Melissa, my partner in crime for the next month
Angela and Zoe

All of us with the lovely Chasity
Fly Young Lady ;)

Last night was another eventful NJ Blooger event hosted by the lovely Chasity;)
I went with a dear friend whom i hadn't seen since the beginning of the semester (she goes to school allllll the wayyyyyy in the Poconos with my reflection) so it was nice to catch up on life as well as meet a new group of people. I always love going to the V-Lounge (even though it was only my second time lol). i just love the atmosphere and the vibe. The lovely ladies we were with helped the conversation flow and we were (of course) THE Flyest ladies in the place lol I met a comic book enthusiast and a future brain last night, i def think i was in great hands.
networking and living life to the fullest.
Oh and the infamous "swag bag content" (no "s") will be reveiled at another time.....
Well folks, have a Happy Sunday;)
Luvin' C*
&all the people that enter my life.

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Jennifer said...

it looked like so much fun! everybody looked great..yes indeed all of you were fly that night