December 16, 2010

The start of a beautiful 10 pg paperMy energy=rabbit food
Scratching my eyes out......

My semester is almost over. Tomorrow I have two finals then I'm attempting to finish this Communications paper some time before 6:00PM on Monday.
Wish me luck.
Last night after my Psych stat final, i literally went to the library for .05 seconds and looked outside the entore time. Reading something so boring is not entertaining to my senses so i tried to do something that would enhance my senses.....i went home. lol
At kean, there was literally no snow, not even a flurry. i get on the parkway to go home and its literally a blizzard!!!!!! how is this possible???? after 45 minutes i finally get to my exit and low&behold, its clear as day!!!!!! This is from exit 140 to 129!!!!
Dear Mother Nature, Please make up your mind.
Today was supposed to be my "relax-on-the-couch-write-paper" day BUT i got a lovely text from my lovely boss saying we have an all-team meeting today at 3:30&PLENTY of free food will be provided.
Im sooooo there. One of the best parts about working for the school is the free food (and pay check&the insanely sane people you get to meet). i'll take it all.
Welp, I just finished working out and I feel liberated. Hopefully I can keep this up instead of sporadic workouts every once in a while.
Luvin' C*
&this CD my reflection made for me. Miguel&Nipsey Hussle is def doing something.

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