December 10, 2010

Still Here

Now im in the computer lab until 9.
Called my sister, my momz, and some of my other contacts and chatted it up. on my two hr break i tried to take a cat nap in the gameroom but then ppl decided to come outta the woodwork and play video games.
I know the deal with guys and video games but seriously,I DO NOT understand why guys have to have a 60-inch television soooooo damn loud and why do they sit all but two centimeters from the tv????? Hence kats being blind and deaf and not being able to pay attention to their ladies....Me na know.
I also got some free food.Yellow rice and lasagna. and a piece of a nice italian sub;)
I'm full and tired and ready to get on the road.
Luvin' C*
&once again not this cold weather
P.S.I am not going to marry a Kappa or a Que.

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