December 10, 2010

Thinking about....

Hey hey
I'm actually thinking about giving my blog an actual title. But i dont know what to name it. I only have one idea in mind.....
SOOOO i did end up going to that Sigma probate up at Bloomfield College on Tuesday and even though it was cold as all hell, I enjoyed it a whole lot. Very entertaining and an overall great experience. Saw my people and had a nice time.
Its Friday thank goodness. But finals start next week so everyone that's usually not in the library is here making my task of actually studying all the more difficult.....This weekend i was supposed to go home to PA but i work till 9 tonight and as much as i do wanna get back to my queen size, its lookin like its gonna have to wait until after this semester is officially over and i don't have work;(
Speaking of work, while i was supposedly 'working', i was chatting it up w/some of my co-workers and i established how much i love older guys. and people always look at me with the side-eye for it. I just DO NOT LIKE LITTLE BOYS. They literally give me a headache and like i said before, i do not want to babysit anyone. Plus i love my freedom, so being with my significant other all the damn time is going to make me tired of you and younger guys always wanna be in contact....noooooo i need to breather every once in a while. Besides, these younger kats don't like me that much and that is A-OK with me;)
I'm just saying.
Luvin' C&
not this weather.

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Jennifer said...

i totally agree with you on the older men part! good luck on ya finals :)