January 10, 2011

The Game

man oh man, diane is still in pennsylvania extremely cold and extremely bored. i needed to go to the doctor but apparently i have no insurance and my momz wanted to take me to another doctor but once again, i'd have to pay out of pocket and as a student, a broke one at that, i cnt afford anything on the dot. so i'm just gonna go to the hospital and set up a payment plan to pay anything off. i've done that before when i got an x-ray and the bill came out to be $465 and i paid it over a two year period lol it works out. believe me.
The show The Game is coming back tomorrow on BET and the world is losing their minds. I love the show too but goodness.....
College Football
#1 Auburn takes on #2 Oregon
I seriously hope oregon wins because all i hear is cam newton this, cam newton that....alright enough about this guy from auburn and his scandals and beckys lol he still cute but he is not the only person on the team....
right now they're getting all the hype and highly favored to win but since the oregon ducks get no love, im gonna give them some.
I unfortunately do not have any recruits so.....
until the game starts, ill be watching the cosby show w/my reflection and parents.
Luvin' C*
&not guys that cannot take rejection well.....

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