January 6, 2011


I'm diane and i just prepared my first official meal at home.
Well i do know how to cook but im not one to mess you the meat because its so slimmy and my stomach cannot fathom. but my reflection and i did it as a team and we have yet to see how everything turns out. i think we'll be good though seeing as how we were calling our parentals every so often. and if it comes out not as expected, it'll be the parentals' fault. yep.
so now im sitting here manning the kitchen making sure everything smells good and the house doesn't burn down writing this post while my eyes are still on fire from standing next to frickin onions i did not cut......
i am so bored out here in PA. i think i've voiced my concern more than once. i'm way ready to get back to the garden state and i know alot of people are waiting for my return. trust and believe i'm ready;)
and since i have a couple of loose ends to tie up regarding my hooptie, i don't know exactly when i'll be laying my head in my twin size bed.
but once the snow stops making threats and the weather starts warming up my legs will be showing outtttttt!!!!!!!
Luvin' C*
&that movie 'Devil' is something else.....

As much as i don't like lil wayne, i like this song, but mostly because of corey gunz' verse. i was wondering where he went after lil wayne stole that other song he had a couple years back. the name of it fails me at this moment......

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