January 18, 2011

the high road

today has been a-ok so far. driving to school was the biggest task thus far. i woke up to snow and ice and rain falling and NOTHING gets in the way of diane getting paid:) even though classes started today at kean univ., i have a bomb schedule where i dnt have classes on tuesday and friday(no work either!!!) but i unfortunately do work 9-5 on tuesdays so getting here on time depended on how crazy people were driving in this weather. im the type of person that has to get every inch of anything off my vehicle, esp when it has to do with earthly elements. snow, ice, leaves, hail.....anything and everything must be removed before i get on the road.plus when im actuallly done doing all of that, i'll be comforted by the warmth of my vehicle. i just wish folk thought the same as me!!!!
nooooooo, lets ride around with all the ice from mother earth on the hood, trunk, roof, doors,and mirrors on my vehicle. yea so the wind can knock it off!!!
this, my friends is not a good idea. so when you see me cussing you in my car because a bunch of ice sheets damn near broke my wind shield and killed me, you'll know why. i dont care how early it is.clean off your shit.
i honestly think people should get tickets for b/s like that. all i know i def wouldn't get any:) because i'm a careful driver, hooptie and i.
RANDOM: you know how you hate a song so much, you know all the words to it....that is happening to me w/this chris brown song.
alright folks, my break is done:(
Luvin' C*
&people who are actually smiling on this miserable day.

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