January 15, 2011

Whaddu doe

I know i havent been alive since my little 'robert sacre' binge but its all for a good reason.....well not really, just meetings at work for the last two days. BUT of course, the world stops for no one:)
Lakewood,NJ, my hometown, has just turned into Philadelphia,PA. last night i got on facebook and everyone's status is about "lakewood cop shot". Are you kidding me??? i dont understand why people shoot cops....you are going to get caught somewhere and they'll probably shoot your ass dead in a heartbeat OR you're def getting the death penalty....smart move....
NJ traffic and their HORRIBLE drivers. the only reason why traffic exists is because kats don't want other drivers cutting them off, so they basically tailgate like a mofo.hence the stopping&going&stopping&going. NOOOOOOOO. PLEASE STOP. it urks the mess outta me when people are inconsiderate and just plain ol'dumb. oh and yesterday while i was in traffic for about wayyyy tooo damnnnnn long, i had to pee like a reacehorse lol i swear i almost died. i tried to stay occupied by not thinking about it,singing songs,looking at all the clean benz'z pass me by,and trying to figure out which unmarked cars would be police officers but it did not work. i stopped at a gas station to relieve myself and felt like a river!!!lol it just kept on going. i felt like i was squatting for 10 minutes lol after that, it was like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders (well,my bladder in this case).......
OKAY so i also do not like guys who think they 'hot shit' (my new words) all the time. they think they can get away with everything. "yea i like you, but my girlfriend and i are taking a break, so wassup"....Wassup is I don't believe in 'taking a break'. you two are either together, or you're not.which one is it??? because all that grey area is not a good look and that's when feelings get hurt and people get shot and/or stabbed. lol. not funny....
soooooo my cousin left me in the condo until tuesday because he went back home,to dominica, to surprise our grandmother-soooo sweeeeeet!! BUT what bothered me was that i was the last person to know. but anyway, i'm here by my lonesome, 3 floors of lonely. lol. my cousin has this crazy surround sound system where you can play and listen to music from anywhere in the place.ok cool. the first night alone, i really couldn't sleep because i, being who i am, was a little paranoid. when i finally fell asleep for real-for real, i hear Busta Rhymes playing. I'm thinking, "am i dreaming?why is busta rhymes in my dream right now?he's not even cute!!!" so i get up, opening one eye thinking to myself, ok TJ(my cousin's girlfriend) left a while ago and his best friend Derrick never came back AND i def didn't hear the door open, so why is this music playing?? i get up,turning on every single light, grab my sharpest heels,yelling "HELLOOOOO" peeking around corners and what not. i didnt hear anything but i found the control for the music and quickly shut it off. i didnt even think about going down to the first floor. that's where a killer would be hiding....i never ran so fast to any room as fast as i did to mine that night. locked the door and everything. i even left a light on on the hallway and everyone who knows me,knows i need it to be pitch black when i sleep lol
funny but scary.
let's just say, i told TJ about it and she stayed the next night :)
that's all i have to say until i actually start having a life again lol
Luvin' C*

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