January 3, 2011

What??!! (dispicable me voice)

I am getting fat. lol.
since i been home as everyone knows, i been eating and sleeping like i am going into hibernation.....
BUT i am training to run a half marathon during the summer months. DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG THAT IS???? im going to tell you. Its about 13 miles folks and although i run, i am in no shape to run 5 miles let alone 13 but i am going to do it because i can.
I am going back to jersey probably by the end of this week.thank goodness. this saturday my godsister and i put together a 'cousins reunion'. seeing as how everyone is all over the place during the semester and we never get to see each other and since its been more than a couple of years---we're going to do something a little competitive---laser tag at funtime america. we used to go there for birthdays and have a grand ol'time. going back as the big kids we are, it'll be fun and ridiculously hilarious. i absolutely cannot wait. i need some fun in my life before this long semester starts back up and i really go ghost on you all lovely people.
my sister, my reflection, Cane! has now joined the blog world;)
its fairly new and its about....
i'll let you see for yourselves.hehe.
Luvin' C*
& The Closer. this show is so good.

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