February 26, 2011


Hey World. I've finally arisen from the dead. I'm actually in the library now doing some work with my Ritz crackers and cranberry juice:) and listening to Adele's new album "21". I really love it and can't wait to download it.....
RANDOM: i think my cousin's in Minnesota but i'm not sure b/c i got the days mixed up.....dammit.lol.
SOOOOOOOO yesterday i worked out. with some baseball players!! worst idea ever. esp for someone like me who's def not looking to build any muscle.....they had me on those stupid machines with my 'string bean arms' (You Can Laugh Now) and i was really about to throw punches. THEN they said we gotta do 60 MINUTES OF CARDIO!!!!! I am a firm believer in working out for no more than 2 hours because technically its not necessary. All this "let's spend all day in the gym" doesnt make sense. with everything we had already done, i told homeboys i'm doing my 30 minutes of cardio, working on my abs, stretching, then bouncing my arse outta there!
They are Ca-Ray-Zeeeeeee to think i'm gonna stay.
tryna turn me into a body builder by the end of the semester!!!! not happening.
i didnt get names because i dont wanna see them chase me around campus talkin about 'our workout'.
honey my workout plan works for me. i am not conforming!!!
all in all, my body was tired, not sore. i could feel my muscles going to sleep. lol. couldnt even chew my gum!! how does that happen??
me na know.
Luvin' C*


tagrant0910 said...

I NEED HER CD!!!!!!!!!!!!

Diane said...

im gonna have to download at some point this week!!!! its soooo good