February 24, 2011

Sleepy Eyes

wow i really been neglecting my blog a little bit but you probably already know why....
Kean University's WEST INDIAN CULTURE CLUB is having a game night with (of course) fun games, snacks and beverages. Everything is free so I hope everyone comes out..
i really wanted to go somewhere for spring break but there are opportunities to get some hours in the game room so i think i'm gonna take that instead. i needs the money.
carmelo anthoby showed off his skills as a new york knickerbocker. str8 stole amare stoudamire's thunder. i personally don't think this is a great recipe. too many ego's. we'll see how this turns out.
I been working out like i should and it really feels good to workout outside. even though its not exactly nice,nice its nice enough to go out for a run at the top of the day when it's the warmest and the sun is beaming. good stuff.
well that is all i have to say right now because i'm all homework'd out
Luvin' C*
&not how tired my eyes are....

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