February 1, 2011


welp, im in bed about to get to sleep but decided against it. my body is sore b/c i worked out like i've never worked out before.....and i was slouching while doing some homework
RANDOM: why is my cousin playing all this carl thomas at 10:40PM??
i had some stories i heard about in the news i wanted to blog on but my handy dandy notebook is way out of reach sooooo imma save it for another time...hopefully i wont forget(which i probably will).
This weekend is my godsister's birthday!!! well its on friday but u know how folk be with they "bday weekend" shindigs so its about to be on rey-don-chong!!! i dnt got class on friday so im def goin innnnnnnnn. not really, but you know what i mean.lol.
my eyes are a tad bit tired so i guess i'll do my bed some justice.
BTW I am legend is soooo scary to me....
Luvin' C*
&Marva Jean for getting me pizza for lunch:)
Great friends are a dime a dozen.

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