February 28, 2011

They Say Where You Been

I been on my job.
I am in serious training mode to participate in a Duathlon.
What's a duathlon you ask...
curty'll tell you.
It's like a triathlon (swim-bike-run) but only consisting of two events.
I dont do swimming in sketchy bodies of water such as lakes and ponds sooooo i cnt do a triathlon.
ill die before i get in the water.lol.
running and biking is more my forte and i'm going all out. i wanted to participate in the Iron Girl triathlon in Columbia, Maryland this August but i'm now in the process of looking for duathlons to take part in because i know i'll make it through the finish line and not drown from the fright of a little fishy nibbling on my feet.....
And even though i'm writing this post when i'm supposed to be writing a paper so i could be ahead of the game....sigh. i'm not. i only have two lines written but i'm sure it will all come to me as soon as i hit my pillow.
as tired as my eyes are getting, my piggy bank is looking at me and its def telling me to sit up straight and write this damn paper.
AWWW piggy bank.
I Wuv You.
Luvin' C*
&not how fast my feet been falling asleep:(

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