March 3, 2011


I Rock Sox and i just wanted everyone to know:)
So now that thats outta the way, i will proceed.
Last night at the lovely Kean University, our Haitian Student Association (HSA) held a charity basketball came to of course, raise money for Haiti.Duh. it was fun to watch guys try and show off like they were in the NBA but hey, i enjoyed myself. I couple of missed dunks and too many crossovers only to lose the ball and it was on to the half court show and real show-Frats strollin'. I have no clue who won the brand new Wii they had as the prize but I do know that every Frat of the Divine Nine came out to support and it was beautiful. Ques came in deep with they gold boots, purple tees, and camo vests while the Kappas were Kappas. Dressed to impress and shimmying down any female they could LOL JKJKJK. Iotas were def in the spot. They were strollin' from the pregame all the way to the end (PS even though i know the purpose of an Iota Sweetheart, i truly do not understand the significance....just saying). Alphas didnt do too much but ok.
They did the work.
The DJ played everyone's theme song but when Juvenile's "Back That Thang Up" came blaring through the speakers, and although the Sigmas were on there way out, they came back in the gym hoppin' so strong. and although it was only three of them, they got the most love:) they went so hard&there was no animousity from the other frats. it was all love, all the time. straight resepct and that's what it was all about.
overall, the event was great. alot of people came out and it was very entertaining.
My photo game was kinda lacking b/c i was helping my girl focus her own camera which is wayyyy better than mine lol but i did get some nonetheless. maybe i'll post my bad skills 2mrw.
Luvin' C*
&all my ppl that actually know what i'm about
&Not those who feel the need to try and bring be down.
Im going home (to Pa) 2mrw because my reflection misses me and i miss her.

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