March 15, 2011


Oh Man. Spring break is in the air, and although it's only Tuesday, i really havent done anything worth noting other than watching Everybody Hates Chris...on the couch....eating cake....oh but please believe my workout is still going strong :) i dont want a break from that..
Ohhhh and i still have to work. Tomorrow 10-7 then 10-4 on thursday. i dont mind it too much since our HOMEWORK BAN GOT LIFTED!!!!!! i am so happy. i may actually be able to get some work done seeing as how everyone is out on vacation in the sun, getting tan and what not.....they see yellow. I see green.
Going away for Spring Break sounds a little over rated. i dont know, maybe its just me but i would rather be in the sun on the beach ALONE. Not with a bunch of rowdy college students that dont know how to act. i would get annoyed too fast and then i'd have to turn into evelyn lozada lol
Speaking of.....
i watched the reunion special of VH1's Basketball Wives. Those broads, once again, are tooooooo grown to be rollin they necks and calling each other "boo boo" boo boo
Seriously though. and now i read a little tid bit saying how she (chad ochocinco's girl) and all the other girls want $25,000 per episode (they get $7,500 now).....WHY SHOULD YOU GET THAT IF YOU ARE SLEEPING AROUND WITH PPL ON TV AND MAKING AMERICANS LOOK BAD IN FOREIGN COUNTRIES????
i am baffled. are you serious. does anyone know what an actual hard working person would do with that $7,500????
boo boo, you are not saving the world, so put your hands back in your pocket.
Recruiting out the arse. this past weekend alone, just from watching some west coast teams and i was in aww. where did all that Fine-ness come from????

That's just a couple of what i've come across this season.....

Luvin' C*
&ESPN's The Fab Five


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