March 24, 2011

It's a Great Day

Hey world..i dunno why i'm starting my posts like that now....but antiwho. PC IS BACK IN MOTION.
Yep my baby had a serious virus, all the way to the point where i couldnt even back up my pix and music. but when i look at it, its all memories that i can recite and reminise about :)
i been slacking on my camera as well. Poor thing, missed wayyyyyy too many events that needed capturing with tha "Curty Touch" (THOUGHT: i should name a section that!!!! if only my camera saw the light of day......)
TONITE its on like Donkey Kong though. There is a probate at Kean University. The brothers of Phi Beta Sigma's Bloody Mu Pi chapter is coming out!!! can you tell how excited i am. I'm Hype. everyone knows how much i love greek life and i cant wait to see everyone come out and support.
My group, West Indian Culture Club(WICC), had a nifty little event called Pass The Plate and as you could imagine, we had Caribbean dishes (YUM YUM) and the only way you were allowed to get a plate is if you donated de niro. Even though i wasn't able to actually work the event (b/c im the secretary) b/c of two stupid three hour classes back-to-back, we still made a great profit. We got something like 200 Beans lol ($200 if you dnt know what that mean..) with that said, i am excited and ready for everything after such a successful event. But of course my SHU family is having events next month and handy dandy camera will surely make the trip.
School School School
i am still working in the game room and doing my application for a managerial position (so i can get my extra 25 cents bee), i just registered for Fall 2011 courses,secretary of WICC, and i'm still looking at other "ventures" to get into. i have no love life because negroes aint ish lol JKJKJKJK i just dont have time for it/dont make time for it but its all love all the time.
ANY WAY im gonna go b/c i dnt like ppl lookin at my computerrr.
Luvin' C*
&not all these guys' hind parts in my face when they bend over to play pool.

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