March 31, 2011

Taste the Rainbow

i think i am a versatile person. i can get along (or at least try to) with anyone. it doesn't matter what color you are or what religion you associate with, that's just in my nature.
i love rainbows.
and i also love all types of mens.
someone asked me what do i look for in a guy, physically?
and me being the Curty i am, said my piece along with an here it goes.
He has to have some height. i dont mean 7 feet tall (even though my boo Robert Sacre has a whole 2 feet on me). but at least between 6'1 and 6'5. i love holding on to a guys slim waste and nice long arms (not scrony either) lol sounds crazy, but im about 5'7 and shorter guys always seem to have a problem so i'd rather not deal.
Especially that bottom lip.
while i was eating my two pizzas i shouldn't have had, i seen this guy with THEE sexiest lips on a man and i was just looking at them. i wanted to suck them off his face.....
(quivers just thinking about it)
I dont like eyes that are trying to pierce my soul. why are you trying to know everything about me from looking into my eyes??? its not cute, just creepy and i just might have to slap the eye balls outcha (not out your) face. soft eyes go a long way and people (ladies) might actually wanna talk to you. i also dont like "hungry eyes". you know those guys that walk up, sizing you up like they haven't seen food for 10 years, OR just got outta jail.
Nooooo Booo Booo.
Color of the skin doesnt matter. but with me, when i see my sexy ass baseball player (white boy) then i see a sexy ass black man, i still go coocoo for coco puffs lol
i dont know. maybe i just love grown looking men way tooo much. right now, i'm into the puerto ricans. lol. they are so passionate&i dont know if thats good or bad but i like it.
i hope my mom doesnt read this.
Ok. Im actually gonna do some work on so i dont waste my day away after skipping one class and having the other cancelled.
Luvin' C*
& the fact that i cant decide on what picture to put up b/c all the guys i look up are tooooo fine and athletes...
esp Robert Sacre.

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