April 5, 2011


SOOOOO UCONN Huskies done won the mens basketball championship against Butler. Im so glad i did not watch that game because by the way of the score, that game looked boring as hell.
since my last post ive done nothing too exciting. volunteered at a food bank, went home to PA to visit my sis and attended a banquet. so yea, i guess i been busy busy busy.

i know i talk about school alot, but its because school is my life....soooo its getting nice outside and people at Kean do not know how to act. flip flops and tank tops. seriously though??? i swear if the sun was out and 65 degrees, kats would be out on the bball courts tannin like some damn fools. i'll keep my clothes on. thanx so much.
still on my workout grind:) i need more than 7 hours of sleep with the way i hit the gym but i cant get past 6.5 because i get home so late and all i do is study. damn i suck BUT it'll all pay off in the end and when it does, i'll be happy as hell.
OHHHH yea, i am getting sick. all thanks to my cousin who just came back from Montreal. i havent been sick,sick since august but the weather's changing and that also means my allergies are coming on as well. great.
Luvin' C*
& eating breakfast.

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Melissa said...

Good to see your doing well!