March 25, 2011

That Curty Touch is a little Rusty.

Here are some extremely random pix i found on my camera that weren't deleted.
As you can tell, I love my piggy bank. I keeps him extra close (on my nightstand to be exact).
Kean's Haitain Staudent Association's Charity Basketball game a few weeks back.
My watches.
Some things i bought at Walmart. Altogether under $25.
The BLOODY BLOODY MU PI CHAPTER OF PHI BETA SIGMA FRATERNITY introduced the newest members at their probate. even though it was colder than cold, i still made my way over to the basketball courts to show love. There were alot more people than i expected, AND they actually started on time which was great for me b/c i didnt miss anything in my hour break:)
Saw some folks i know and overall enjoyed the experience.
OH and what is up with this weather????Last friday it was 70, den it snowed three days later, now its just freezing.....
Me Na Know
Luvin' C*

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